Microtip LSPR sensor Micromirror

















MEMS fabricated micromirror has a lot of advantages such as low power consumption, fast response, and large tilting angle. MEMS-based scanning micromirrors using various actuation mechanisms have been demonstrated, including piezo-electric, thermal, electrostatic, and electromagnetic actuation. Among them, the electromagnetic actuations has been adapted.

We are researching a two-axis scanning micromirror with large aperture and tilting angle has been designed, fabricated and characterized, which is actuated by Lorentz force using the radial magnetic field. Moreover, Cu coil and magnet assembly were optimized to maximized scan angle. cost-effective fabrication process was proposed for laser pointing applications such as the LIDAR system.

In order to improve the mechanical characterization, wafer level vacuum packaged micromirror has been researched. To maintain the actuating characterization, the isolation from the atmosphere is needed. The HF-etched glass cavity wafer has been anodic bonded to both of the micromirror devices. Vacuum packaged micromirror increases Q factor of the micromirror within low driving current. Also, Vacuum conditions are maintained even though the time flow.